Nekupe’s art classes showcase Nicaragua’s love of craft. Local artisans known for their unique techniques and craft will share their knowledge uplifting you with their inspiration.


Give yourself over to the power of creative expression, and bring back home a keepsake of your visit to Nekupe. These painting classes will be a great way to discover your inner artist and spend a fun time with your kids.

*Additional Cost


Take home a taste of Nekupe by learning the fundamentals of native Nicaraguan cuisine. Taught by Nekupe’s very own chefs, featuring ingredients found on our property and in neighboring communities, these recipes will range from mixing up local cocktails to crafting an entire meal.


Folklore is an art form intrinsic to Nicaraguan culture. Discover the vibrant music and dance offerings associated with this tradition and surrender to the rhythm. We will do the rest!


Learn to play Marimba, the musical instrument played at nearly every special Nicaraguan event that has endured the test of time. Don’t miss out on our lessons that will open an entire new dimension to your experience in Nekupe.


Nekupe offers a taste of Nicaragua’s internationally renowned rum and cigars. A rum expert leads Flor de Caña tastings in all the exclusive presentations of the Centenary collection, including 12-, 18- and 25-year-aged rums. As a perfect complement, upon request and with and additional charge, a sommelier from the city of Estelí, the most important cigar-making area, showcases our top Nicaraguan handmade cigar varieties, including Padron, Oliva, Joya de Nicaragua, and Plasencia.