Nekupe is truly a reflection of the respect and passion that Alfredo and Theresita share for Nicaragua and nature. Its contemporary architecture incorporates local elements like wood and stone, making the spaces respond harmoniously to the natural environment and providing a seamless integration between inside and outside. The breath-taking panoramic views are present everywhere inviting you to interact and connect with nature in a sophisticated and artistic way.


Having a passion for design, architecture and love for nature, Theresita Pellas, co-owner of Nekupe and an interior designer, hand selected every piece that decorates Nekupe. Her value of genuine experiences paired with a refined touch, has allowed Nekupe to blossom into the oasis it was envisioned to be. The design creates a comfortable, relaxing, yet sophisticated refuge, paying tribute to Nicaragua’s culture and unique characteristics.


Nekupe was built based on the principals of Feng Shui to keep harmony and balance between the surrounding environments and their dwellings. Locations were carefully selected considering building orientations, colors, materials, and the five elements to assure a peaceful and relaxing experience.


Nekupe is a reflection of natural elements collected from the beauty and authenticity of the Nicaraguan countryside. Many of the furnishings were created by local Nicaraguan artists and craftsman.


Nekupe’s landscape is thoughtfully created in harmony with the nature that surrounds it. We have reforested over 50,000 trees and created 40 plus km of trails that include hiking, ATV, biking, horseback riding trails, 3 beautiful lagoons with water cascades and bridges to create a natural ambiance like no other. Each tree, flower and trail has been intentionally planted, created and cared for in order to protect the vast wilderness that stretches the 1,580 acre property as far as the eye can see.