The Nekupe dining experience is a curated, modern take on Nicaraguan cuisine designed to intrigue and satisfy even the most sophisticated palate. Most of our ingredients are sourced directly from Nekupe’s diverse on-site farm. Our seasonal and personalized menus are designed to support a healthy lifestyle using fresh, local and organic produce.

Best of all, it’s complimentary!


Located within the Casa Club, Don Alfredo’s is a wonderful place to enjoy our signature 4 course meal, altered daily to provide a unique culinary experience. Offering the uttermost personalized attention, we created a restaurant that can fulfil everyone’s need, by adapting our menus to vegetarian and gluten free diets.


One of the most satisfying experiences is the culinary arts of Nekupe. Alfredo and Theresita Pellas, avid travelers and food enthusiasts, share their vision of a stellar meal: healthy, quality, freshness, and wholesome locally sourced ingredients. Our passionate and inspired chefs create a perfect balance between wellness and gastronomy, best of all the Michellin inspired meals are all included in your stay.


By renting out the entire Residencia, you will enjoy the entirety of the residence and have access to two private dining rooms, exclusively catered to by a personal head chef, butler, and accompanying staff. Have any mid-night cravings? Let us know and we will make sure to leave some goodies for you in the second-floor kitchen.


Hoping that you will enjoy Nekupe’s environment in different settings we carefully curated majestic spaces for outdoor dining, from a casual picnic-style lunch spot to a romantic, candlelit dinner on a treetop platform.