Our staff is made up of the most seasoned hospitality professionals in Nicaragua. With a ratio of 5 staff members per guest, we guarantee the most personalized attention on behalf of our Nekupe staff, all of whom have been trained to anticipate, meet and exceed your needs and requests.


Each room is attended by a personal “Ranger,” to help with you with whatever you need. From the moment, you arrive at the airport, your Ranger will serve as your personal guide, chauffeur, and liaison with the rest of the staff. The Ranger will coordinate all your activities and excursions, making your vacation unforgettable.


Nekupe understands that the best kind of vacation is one in which everyone in the family is happy. In addition to on-site childcare (upon request), Nekupe offers a range of activities that cater to different ages, and allow guests to fully immerse themselves in the joys of nature by interacting with animals in their natural habitats. For younger children (6-9), we offer horse and bunny feeding, reptile petting, farming, board gaming and swimming. For older children and teenagers (over 10), we also offer bike rides, ATVs, hiking, swimming, and tennis.