Nekupe is a sanctuary catered to fulfill your every need. Our amenities transport you to a genuine dreamland, where personalized service and comforts allow you to open your mind and discover a new way of living.


Our Casa Club is at the heart of Nekupe, offering 10,800 sq ft of communal space to unwind. Designed to blend into nature, you can relax at the pool while enjoying panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.
Casa Club incorporates our lobby, restaurant, bar, rum room, massage room, gift shop, indoor and outdoor lounge areas, and access to the warming fire pit.


Built on the highest point of the property with views of the mountains all around, the Nekupe sanctuary is a spiritual oasis for contemplation and reflection. It can also be the unique place to renew your vows, or celebrate a wedding or baptism.


Nekupe Spa is both a place to burn off some steam and to indulge in an array of rejuvenating spa treatments. You will encounter the purest form of relaxation by coexisting harmoniously with nature, and enjoy massages, facials and scrubs all with the highest quality ingredients destined to fully rejuvenate the body.


Our irresistible pool, located in Casa Club, is available to all guests and offers beautiful landscape views. Shielded from the wind, enjoy a poolside lunch or enjoy quality time with your family.  After a full day of activities, take a sunset dip and relax with a cocktail.